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Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.
Dennis P. Kimbro

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A lurking thought.

In some way it is related to my earlier post but not exactly what I meant to write. How I feel  when I compare the dimensions of a man or for that matter even the mankind with the universe and the kind of attitude we have as a race is very difficult to describe. I shall be publishing them very soon. But something which has been lurking in my mind now for quite sometime, I am out with that now. This is about the violence shown in movies/TV programs. I feel that it's time that we change our ideas about how the good wins over  bad. The act of justifying the violence in the process of eliminating evil has to go.  The other day when my lil one asked me, (after watching a hollywood movie scene where the hero kills three people and when the heroine tells him that he did wrong ), did n't he do the right thing mamma as they were bad people and is n't it okay to kill bad people ? In spite of knowing the answer very well and clearly I was shocked and puzzled. Because this is not the point of view I want him to have at all ! What is good and bad according to me is a very relative and very much dependent upon a specific situation. Of course we do have good and bad in a broad way  to guide us through the life. But I feel earnestly that we all should change our viewpoint on how to deal with bad.

I shall elaborate my point with an example. A child, of say eight or nine years,  hits another child and hurts him/her badly. How do we deal with it ? Do we punish the child so bad he feels hurt even more?(Now I do realize that I am comparing a child, who does not understand the seriousness of his actions to fully grown ups, but wait till I finish) This act of hurting is a superficial manifestation of something more serious.  Unless this was an accident(we are not talking of that case) and the first child did it with the actual intention of hurting then the problem at hand to be taken care of is Why did he do it? We shall try to find out the reason and try our best to remove the cause along with being patiently telling the child who did it that what he did was wrong and unacceptable. He/ She might get some punishment also but certainly not hurting him/her more.  So why do we handle the same situation in a very different way for grown ups. The only reason I see is as I said as grown ups we are supposed to know the consequences of our actions not only for the person/persons but for ourselves and hence that should be a deterrent to that act. I agree with it. But what if some people and I believe there are 'some' only do not understand it.  Why we have to have harsh punitive methods to drive home the point that violence in an form is not acceptable ?  I see two things there though not unrelated and independent of each other but still two of them 1.) act of punishment 2.) to convey the message. If our aim is only point 2.) then I must say the methods should and can change. Why can't we try here also to look a little deeper with some compassion  and find out the reason  and try to get rid of the circumstances/ reasons that led to it. I understand that real situations are far more complex than this but what we learn in research is when faced with a difficult problem-break it into smaller pieces and handle them.  All that is needed is patience and a positive outlook.  I believe this would work for every situation in life.

too many interruptions, so rest later,  I am not done yet but may be mercy for the moment :)

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