Think Over It !!

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.
Dennis P. Kimbro

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Simple rules

Isn't it strange that the same simple rules work for both - to sustain life means our existence on this planet earth( in a broader sense) and our own personal happiness.

Respect and appreciate life in all forms and banish the narrow limits of religion, caste, colour , region, nationality.

Ability to distinguish between our 'needs' and 'wants'.

It is easy for one more reason, it has to start with me only !

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Simplyfy life - 2

What sister Shivani says, I am trying to put it down for myself to rub it it in more effectively.

What happens on the surface is- We face a situation and respond to it.

What happens inside is- A situation creates a thought, the thought creates a feeling and that feeling leads to the action- our response.

But all this happens so fast that we(most of us) don't even notice it. Our responses are automatic and very fast.

We do not even think if we had a choice to act differently. This type of automated response is reaction. As most of the others around us also act in a similar way we not only justify but accept our reactions as the only possible way of responding !

What it leads to is- feeling of powerlessness, no control and blame game.

The gap between the changing situations and our response is widening which leads to set of negative thoughts not only for the self but for others also.

We underestimate the power of self - after all what will change even if I do, how can this much change make a difference ? But the point is, not to get overwhelmed by such thoughts as for sure it will make a difference to you and the entire universe !

The idea is- a thought is a seed which grows into our action in general, our response here. We need to work very consciously on this step. We can start with situations which have passed and stop and analyze it in steps of thought-feeling-action and prepare ourselves.

We must realise and accept that the outcome which generally is pain does not come from outside, it is our own creation. 

In nut shell - out of the fight between the situation and the self, the point of focus and attention should be self- something which is in our control.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Simplify life - 1

The way life has become in this age of fast change, in spite of so many comforts, we feel some kind of pain, discontentment. This is an attempt to analyze and help myself to come out of it with the help of sister Shivani. I try my hand at reproducing what sister Shivani has to offer in her self help management series.

What actually happens in our day to day life is- we face different situations, small/big in both professional and personal life. It may be as small as your house help not arriving without notice, getting stuck in a traffic jam or much more serious as separation, relationship breaking, loosing a job or worst death of a loved one !

What is common in all these situation? It is the change, change from the state we get so used to !

Our general response to any of the situation is - discomfort, pain, to a different extent for different situations. Our ability to handle the situation dwindles down when we are in pain. The situation appears much more serious and big than the actual when we are in pain.

Why this happens? Because we focus too much on the problem/situation, which most of the times, is out of our control !! Instead,  if we focus our attention on the solution or even better our own response to the situation, we shall fare much better. This is where, we need to work mostly on.      

My response to the situation is the key point to ponder over and start with !
A nice thought I read this morning

Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated- Confucius