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Saturday, December 21, 2013

My take on the tide called AAP.

I come out with my take on various factors associated with the latest political party of the country-Aam Aadmi Party.  Why it should interest to other readers of the blog can be a very legitimate question though :) but then I doubt if it would not also, because of the common factor- being humans we tend to behave almost identically under the given circumstances, may be with some degree of variation depending upon our upbringing in the diverse cultures of the world.

I am way too excited for many reasons related to this event and am unable to decide where to begin. The reason being very simple- it gave the much needed boost to the whole nation specially the common man walking on the street, irrespective of the religion, state, language or every other division which generally plays a role in our lives being Indians otherwise !!

Let me try. The event is emergence of AAP-Aam(Common) Aadmi(Man) Party, their recent win in Delhi Assembly elections. A rather common name and an even simpler symbol- a broom!!

Let me first start with a little history. This is just an year old political party formed by some of the brightest minds in the country who finally could overcome the taboo associated with politics and jumped into this dirty muddle with a broom(their symbol). They might not be the first such collection or attempt in the history but then they are surely the first one in my lifetime and their ideology resonate with the common sense of a common man. To their credit they showed a remarkable performance(28 seats out of 70) in their debut elections in the capital state of the country-Delhi.

The other two big political parties are- the Congress and the BJP(Bhartiya Janta Party). To say the least they have been hit rather hard by this tide. The reason being- their total disconnect with the  common man. They got way too busy in making money and forgot the very basic reason they got the positions in the first place.( But honestly this is the problem of humans in general !! We have become too much money centric and politics probably tops the list of professions affected by this, given the opportunities and the scale of money involved !! let me not get distracted !)

The existing bigwigs not only ridiculed the AAP and the people who formed it, they did the ghastly mistake of ridiculing the concept !!! They got their calculations completely messed up in not realizing that Arvind Kejriwal(the leader of the party) is just the face of the resentment which has been harboring inside the nation of millions for quite long time.

What made them fall flat on their face, in spite, of having the muscle and money is their complete lack of trust in the ability of a common man. But then one shouldn't blame them for this attitude !! After all the common man did ignore them for so long and preferred to look in an orthogonal direction while these people changed the scale of misdeeds they were doing by many factors of magnitude ! No wonder we were taken for granted ! The game of division of the country into three classes- super rich, middle class and the poor(rich class overlaps with the middle and the super rich ) and the subsequent manipulations led to their atrocious scale of roguery and wrongdoings. The richness of rich increased while the big chunk of population remained poor (rather are kept poor !) and the upcoming and struggling middle class's existence hardly mattered for the political class. Or rather both the political class and the middle class neglected each other's presence in the scenario !! As a result of this mutual ignorance the middle class lost its voice and say in the country completely.  It became so bad that it led to the emergence of this class as a political party - the AAP ! Not bad to start with as one says 'late is better than never' so here we are !!

In today 's times there can't be a debate on the role of media in such movements. In this particular case the media has been very cautious on being the side of the common man and the impact of the major political forces on their conduct can't be ignored. In spite of the power of media there still are a  large number of people who conduct their duties with the uprightness. I really hope and wish that media just reports the happenings in a genuine way rather than trying to play the role of a moralistic  teacher.

I must show my sincere gratitude to the team of people who made this possible, for being able to direct the anger and helplessness of the nation of the flustered people into a concrete phenomena called AAP.  Kindly continue to follow what you started with, keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Now the common man( that includes me)- the one responsible for all this tamasha !! Let us all understand and appreciate this -to bring the change in the society and the nation under the leadership of AAP, implement "be the change you want to see in others" in our day to day life. AAP does not has a magic wand in its hand that can cleanse the system without our contribution to it. Let us not waste the chance we got of having an honest leadership by not doing our bit !

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